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Want to become a powerlifter but unsure if it is a sport for you? Below are 5 key factors that can help you see a clearer picture if powerlifting is suitable for you.

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The decision has been made, you have done your research, possibly been to the gym for a period of time. You may be entirely new to lifting, or someone with experience in training in the gym. But today you chose to call yourself a powerlifter because you want to be stronger.

You wish to see your squats, bench press and deadlift numbers go up. You will start to have that professional look, with a packed bag full of lifting equipment, walking into the gym and straight to the squat rack. When you had a wonderful and fulfilling training session, that sense of accomplishment is a feeling that is hard to explain, especially to one who has no interest in powerlifting.

Still, it is a route you chose. With over 10 years of powerlifting experience as a coach and athlete. Let me share with you what you are walking into as you embark on this powerlifting journey.

1. Your training is repetitive yet objective

Powerlifting is a craft of getting stronger in just three lifts. Namely the squats, bench press and deadlift. So most training styles will revolve around these disciplines and lifts. Week by week, you may be doing similar repetitions and sets, even the same intensity. This is inevitable. The more you practice, the better you get.

Some training exercises will be prescribed for you specifically, to target certain weaknesses. These exercises will put you into a more objective lifter. You will start to understand that these exercises, no matter how difficult or not fun to do, you will do it because you want to improve.

2. You still start to follow a proper life routine

Once you start on this journey, you must admit that training and recovery work hand in hand to help you get better numbers. You are no longer the "gym go-er" who just hit the gyms to feel good.

You will learn to pay attention to your food intake, your rest. Your energy and your mood will determine the performance of your training. We will all hope to have a good training session every time, which is why we will start to pay attention to things outside training as well.

A routine will be set, having more proper meals, breakfast to start the day, head to work, lunch, a pre-workout meal before heading to the gym. Last but not least, going home to have your dinner. Rinse and repeat.

Once a routine is set, you will start to build up a nice momentum towards life and training. This can be a double-edged sword because if your plans are disrupted, you will be challenged to make decisions that can affect you mentally. Having a coach to consult here will be definite in these circumstances. After all, we all want decisions to be made with the least amount of consequences, isn’t it?

3. You will learn much more about your own body

In order to improve your lifts, you will need to learn more about what is your strengths and weaknesses.

How well can you move? What is your range of motion? How do we take advantage of your body leverages to achieve better numbers? What kind of training should I be doing to help me work on my weaknesses? To get good numbers in your lifts, you have to be technically efficient in those lifts. You will spend more time trying to figure which technique, which cues works best for you.

A coach with knowledge and experience will definitely aid you in this part of your journey. A coach will guide you on which technique works better for you, provide you with multiple ideas to help you feel more confident in your lifts, as well as understand how to move your body to bring up your lifts.

4. Your mental health will be challenged and improved

This journey will never be perfect. You will hit a plateau, you will start to struggle in training. It will be super difficult for you when you face injuries along the way.

These hiccups, when overcome will enlighten you. To me, experiences like these are lessons to be learnt to help you get better in the sport and be stronger mentally.

From all my experiences as a coach and athlete, I faced multiple problems in my clients and my own lifting journey. As long as we face it properly, in the right mindset, we will conquer and become stronger individuals, both physically and mentally.

When you reached this kind of enlightenment, these experiences will change your character as well. You will start to face life in a very different way. You will start to face and fix problems, rather than running away from them.

5. You will be a much more confident person

With all the battles fought and won, of course never alone. Friends, family and coach’s support will elevate you to be more confident than before.

This sport can break you, but in most of my coaching experiences with my clients, this sport proves to provide a more positive impact on peoples’ lives. When a person has a goal in life, it makes him/her useful with a purpose in life.

Powerlifting is a never-ending journey, it goes hand in hand with your life and character. The better you are at this sport, the greater you will become as a human being worth living!

With that having said, if you are someone who fits into these points, powerlifting will be the sport for you, and you will go very far and be successful. Even if you don’t hold some character traits at the start of your journey, you will start growing into one of us. A disciplined, objective, confident individual.

Now I can’t wait for you to join me, on the journey of self-improvement.



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