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It is almost five weeks out to Singapore’s first powerlifting competition after two years. For those who signed up even with such short notice, CONGRATULATIONS! You have beaten the first barrier of fear - the fear of not being at your best due to the short notice period.


First of all, with such a short amount of time until the competition, it isn’t really about being READY, it is more about being PREPARED.

With more than 5 years of competitive experience as an athlete and a coach, here are some points to know that you are truly prepared for the competition.

1. The ‘MAKE IT WORK’ mindset

Regardless of the deadline, regardless of how much limited time you have, you still decide to compete. This kind of mentality wins you half the battle of being prepared. A mentality of understanding that you will never have enough time, only measuring and adjusting the commitment and effort to make things work.

2. Embracing what's to come (the tough training regime)

During this crucial period, you must be working with higher intensities to get yourself used to heavier weights. The specificity is high, as well as your fatigue.

If I have marked all the points with regards to training, continue to hang on tight. You are on your way to greatness. You might feel demotivated, but this is just what fatigue can do to you.

Training might seem tougher than it should be, and it SHOULD be tougher. You just got to keep going and trust the process. A good coach will regulate your training and motivate you, so communicate with them all the time!

3. Aspects OUTSIDE training MATTERS

Apart from training as focussed as you can be, pay good attention to your sleep, water intake, food, and muscle maintenance.

Life is not the same as when there is competition. You will need to try to be attentive to some of these aspects to aid your recovery, keeping you going and injury-free. Drop a comment or DM me on the details for these aspects!

If you look after all these pointers that I have shared, you will be prepared for the competition! Looking forward to seeing you all!



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