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Read what clients are saying about Cratus Strength Training.


male powerlifter preparing to bench press

The one thing I have always been frustrated about is my squat because of my long femur. I always had difficulty finding the right stance and tension during squatting.

Under Clinton's patient guidance, I was able to learn the mechanics and techniques of not just squat but every lift. These technical adjustments have given me much more confidence when doing higher intensity training.

I highly recommend Clinton to anyone who is seeking help on the technical aspect of their lifts. He is packed with knowledge and experience in powerlifting and his character is especially easy to communicate with.

Not only is he a great coach but an amazing friend who is very open to chatting about anything outside powerlifting.


Before joining team Cratus, all my lifts were going downhill and I sustained many injuries. I used to overcomplicate things and ended up backfiring all the time. I couldn’t take failures well either and often place an unnecessary amount of pressure on myself.

Clinton has a very patient and level headed way of coaching. He is able to simplify things and fix my problems within minutes. He delivers information progressively to ensure that I don’t get overloaded with information. His energy influenced me to take a “trust the process” approach in powerlifting. Since then, I have developed a healthier mental approach towards powerlifting and made tremendous progress. Whenever I have bad training days, Clinton would assure me that it’s alright and share the failures he experienced in the past and make me feel less alone.

As a new powerlifter, my current goal is to find the technique that works best for me. Establishing a strong foundation goes a long way towards hitting big numbers. As an elite powerlifter, Clinton has a wealth of knowledge to aid me in laying a sturdy foundation.

I strongly believe in learning from the best if you want to be the best. Clinton is highly proficient in helping lifters at all levels. He is able to navigate the most suitable technique for every individual’s unique biomechanics and spot mistakes instantaneously. The only regret I have is not joining Cratus Strength earlier.

female flexing arm muscles


female powerlifter holding a medal

Prior to training with Clinton, I have multiple lower back injuries from deadlifts. I never understood why it kept happening but after working with him, not only did he taught me how to deadlift by using the right muscles, but also understood what I was doing wrong previously.

I would highly recommend him as he’s very good at explaining things in a way that is easy for me to understand. I love how he takes the time to educate his athletes as well, rather than just giving me a program and that’s it.


After working with Clinton for 1 year, I was able to achieve depth in my squats, +17.5kg to my bench and +25kg in my deadlifts. This was a plateau I wasn't able to break because I never hold myself back when I was programming by myself, RPE 9/10 all day every day.

My goal was to get prepped for SPO 2020 when we first worked together, but since there are no competitions any time soon, I'm just enjoying the process of getting stronger.

I would highly recommend Clinton's coaching as he can find the right mix of when to hold you back and when to let you push, that's if you are patient with the process. Training is always interesting and fun under Cratus Strength!

male powerlifter doing deadlift at the gym


I was an ego lifter. I also had developed knee pain.
Also, my weakest part was my bench and it bothered me for a while.

I don’t suffer from knee pain anymore, we have fixed it rather quickly. But without Clinton, I might’ve not figured it out by myself. Now, with the help of my coach I was able to overcome the mental barriers of benching, I have fixed most of my technique issues and gained my confidence back.

I am fully confident in myself and knowing that my Coach has my back further boosts my confidence. My totals went up and I haven’t suffered any injuries. The most important and I’m learning continuously is discipline.

I had few goals when I started lifting. To beat the national record (totals) which I’m still working on but I am pretty close to beating it and much credit should go to my coach. Just hit 280kg deadlift in the recent competition!

I have and I will. Whenever people ask me how I do lift some good numbers or on the technique, I always tell them the
benefits of having a coach and not just a simple one but of having the best coach Clinton Lee.

male powerlifter doing deadlift at competition


male sitting on the gym bench

I first approached Clinton for coaching about a year ago when I wanted to focus on training for maximal strength after only doing mostly hypertrophy-focused training in the gym

Since I didn't have any experience in powerlifting, I thought working with the Asian champion would surely go a long way in helping me achieve my goals..and I'm certainly not disappointed!

Clinton is meticulous in his approach to training and he's almost a perfectionist when it comes to executing the lifts. I appreciate this a lot as he's helped me improve my technique in all my lifts (especially my squat) tremendously and increased my confidence as a lifter in the process!

He's also a very encouraging coach who never fails to help me see the positive side of things whenever training is not going the way I like it to be.

As a non-beginner lifter, I know the strength gains will come slower, but thanks to Clinton's training program, I have managed to break many PRs in the short time we've worked together. My favourite PR so far has got to be deadlifting 200+kg for reps when it was only my 1RM previously!

I'm also happy to say that I can now squat properly under the guidance of Clinton! Squat has always been my weakest lift and I somehow could never nail the technique. I'm now pretty confident that I can hit my goal of squatting 200 kg soon!

I would definitely recommend anyone who's looking to improve their lifting technique, be pushed out of their comfort zone and get strong AF to work with Clinton! I promise you won't be disappointed!


I always have issues with deadlift during the setup and execution, I can't get a thing right at all. But right after under your coaching, I slowly get to know more about it and finally get to do it right. Managed to get a 255kg PBs with satisfying technique.

I managed to know more about my lifts and myself better in order to become a better lifter. Before that, I am self-coaching and there are limitations that slow down my progression. In fact, I need a 3rd person view to tell me what can be better and how to improve. I am glad that I am able to break through the plateau under his coaching.

My goal is to hit a bigger total and get myself stronger. I still remember that i set a goal of 230/155/250. Now I have achieved 222.5, 150, 255. I am sure I have more in me and looking forward to it.

I would absolutely recommend Coach Clinton to everyone who would like to be as strong as him. Solid coaching method and well communication.

male powerlifter deadlift at powerlifting competition


I came across powerlifting in early 2018 and decided to look for a powerlifting coach and gym. Hence, I came across Coach Clinton in August 2018.

He has taught and guided me through the basic techniques of the three lifts. I used to suffer from a lot of lifting related injuries in the past due to improper form and techniques. What impresses me the most is his patience in coaching me.

Under his guidance and supervision, I have not been injured since and have seen tremendous improvement in my lifting technique.

Thank you so much, Coach Clinton!

female powerlifter smiling for the camera


Before training with Clinton. I’ve struggled so much with all the lifts. I’ve got injured quite often and felt beat up after every session. I’ve never looked forward to do Squat and Bench. Most of the time just go in and get it done. I used to enjoy Deadlift but after a while struggled with it as well.

Since I started training with Clinton, I’ve learned to enjoy the training more, understand the value and the meaning of why we’re doing each exercise or the works. And I don’t feel like beat up after every training session anymore! I used to like to compare my lifts with others and only aim to beat their numbers. Now I only focusing on mine, what I can do to make myself better and most importantly, I’ve learned to enjoy every little small win in each session.
Training with him also helps me become a better coach to help others to become better as well.

My techniques for all the lifts are much better than before. And I can lift much heavier than I thought I would be able to.

When I started my goal were to be able to improve my techniques and lift heavier (Squat 2x, Bench 1-1.5x and Deadlift 3x my bodyweight) since I’ve been struggling with gaining my strength for quite a while. Now that my techniques improved (still more room to improves and much work to be done) I want to be able to lift heavier. I wanna be able to Squat at least 2.5x, Bench 2x and Deadlift 3.5-4x my bodyweight.

I definitely would recommend others to train with Clinton. Because he has helped me so much physically and mentally. And
he’s not just a coach for me. He is also a great friend and mentor, and I’ve learned so much from him.

female powerlifter doing squats at the gym


male powerlifter preparing to squat

I used to be very annoyed by inconsistency in training and technique until I joined Clinton. Ever since getting coached by Clinton, one of my key frustration (inconsistency) is gone. Results are what people look at if a coach is good, and my favourite result is not just my lifts increasing, but also the knowledge that I can use to teach my friends.

In the past, I would always ask myself "why" during training. Why it feels different every single time. Why it was easy the last time. Why is it so difficult? But now with proper technique, I am able to lift the right way and the same way each time which gives me consistency in training and a smoother improvement journey.

Of course, numbers are what people aim to increase when being coached, and of course, mine is still increasing but that's not my main goal anymore. I want to refine and make my technique better even if it is just marginally. Weights that used to be difficult in the past is now in the past. You will be wowed by how just a little change in technique can make moving weight so much easier.

Highly recommend Clinton as a coach! He has ALOT of knowledge, is flexible in thinking and is versatile to use his knowledge on different body types lifter. I have friends telling me my coach looks fierce but trust me he isn't, he is a great coach, a great friend and quite a clown too! If you need a coach or a new coach, maybe Clinton can help you!




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